tee vs. dress

July 21, 2009

without further ado, tee vs. dress...
(but if you're looking for ado, it's at the end of the post.)

rough & tough tee from free people
jacqueline dress from anthropologie

i really thought "tee vs. dress" would somehow coerce me into wearing a dress a little more often. but i'm a tee girl, through and through. i do love free people, but rarely find anything that would actually suit me. (i just like to think it would suit me.) but i'm pretty sure this tee would come out of my closet once a week. then again, if i was feeling a little girly, i would definitely take this dress for a spin. and i mean that literally.

however, i'm all shopped out after hitting the urban outfitters sale... sale price plus 50% off. scooped up enough new tees to keep me from whining that there's nothing in my closet for a whole month! and, i averaged $6 a top. i like to indulge in a splurge now and then. but there's nothing like indulging in a good steal.

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