grease is the word: a sunday shampoo rant.

July 12, 2009

ummm, i'm kinda lazy when it comes to all things "beauty". and i rather dislike blowdrying my hair, so i let it air dry in the summer. (i'm green like that. or lazy. whatever you like.)

but this week, my air-dried hair did NOT feel clean. not at all. it felt like sticky, icky wax. i wrote it off as a fluke... maybe i should hairdry tomorrow? but after all the heat and effort, on day two i still had waxy, clumpy, unclean hair.

i'm thinking: perhaps i have actually forgotten how to wash my hair after 27 years? is this possible? 

day three, and i finally realize this can't possibly be my screwup. i do screwup, but i'm not this dumb. i can wash my hair successfully, despite my aversion to "beauty".

the shampoo was bad.

i've never heard of this. but i've now experienced it and i don't much like it. it took day four and day five to get back to my normal baby fine, baby soft, not-fussed-with and CLEAN hair.

i threw the shampoo away. i couldn't figure out another use for it that wouldn't result in a waxy boyfriend, or a waxy dog or some other unpleasantly waxy item. 

has this happened to anyone else? please, someone lie and say yes. i would feel much better.

(ps. has anyone noticed that one of the spellcheck menu options is "learn spelling". this feels unbearably critical when i'm discussing my highly unsettling shampoo snafu.)

5 notes:

  1. Once upon a time, somewhere in 2005, a shampoo that had gone bad had ruined my hair. In a act or retaliation, I decided I didn't need hair anymore and shaved my head. I have never looked back (til now).

  2. wow..totally wanting to shave my head now. imagine the time saved.....what if it turns out my head is oddly shaped, though, and I didn't know it.
    e--never had a shampoo go bad. is it your normal shampoo, or did you try a different one?
    see, that's why i stick with cheap old Suave... : )
    we did have a quart of rice milk go bad. it took us a long time to figure out what was wrong with it. we are not always bright.

  3. i have always been curious about shaving my head. it would certainly solve that whole blowdrying problem!

    thanks for the support and successfully hiding that you think i'm a total nutjob!

  4. I can't recommend shaving your head enough. It surprised me, how much more fun standing under the shower was when hair doesn't impede the full sensation of the water against your head. I think that in itself outweighs any embarassment that an odd shaped head could bring (and it could turn out your head is geometrically perfect so this issue could be moot anyways).

    Now on the topic of milk gone bad (not rice milk but of the cow variety), someone at work had left some out and it turned to gelatin. Did anyone else know that could even happen? I sure didn't.

  5. awww..sweetie...I don't think you're a nutjob! Honest. And see, you finally deduced what the problem was, so clearly you are actually quite brilliant...