friday favorites: paper

July 10, 2009

my new favorite thing this week...
the dot grid book from behance outfitter.

my thanks to brad ando and his impeccable taste for opening my eyes to this delicious book.

i have an incredible weakness for paper. and of course, I'm afraid to use it for fear of ruining it! i have a hoard of lovely, lovely notebooks that i refuse to use. of course, i then feel guilty because they really deserve to be enjoyed. hmmm.

5 notes:

  1. How deliciously fun. Just imagine all the fun that awaits you with those dots. Scribble away, all the cool kids are doing it. The book is especially good for parading in front of other people and making them jealous (which is the main motivator for why we buy anything isn't it). I am a respectable 2/3 through mine and I starting to think about my next notebook. I think it is going to be even more minimalistic... white lines!

  2. start a blog. it's a cheaper way to make people jealous with your cool things since you don't actually have to buy them.

    making people jealous with your cool things also doesn't work when you're a socially backwards hermit.

    love the whitelines, too. i also love old ledger books, because it's not a strict graph. it's more like writing on plaid.

  3. Starting a blog is doable (I like making them... and abandoning them). The problem is that writing is my secret weakness (hence why I abandon them but shhh on my secret weakness).

    Social connectness is overrated anyways. Gloating in private about how superior you are compared to others is fun in itself.

    I think old ledger books trump whitelines and dot grid. Good call.

  4. right then...if the brad that comments often on my dear every eskimo's blog is the same brad ando referenced in the above post:
    your "Why Don't Elevators Have Undo?" was bloody brilliant, and I would have told you there, but found no place to do so.
    if not, someone tell brad ando he is bloody brilliant for me.

  5. Eek... your skills in deduction have uncovered my secret identity, for this Brad and the aforementioned Brad Ando are one in the same. I was going to roll out comments on my blog but got distracted by rainbows, ice cream and assorted picture books. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, you're making me blush. :)