a terrible secret.

July 22, 2009

nobody knows.

unless they've driven with me. or asked me to look to my right. or have given me directions somewhere.

and no, that "your left hand looks like an L" thing doesn't work. they're both L-shaped. i get flustered.

and considering i can only remember cardinal directions in relation to one particular city and one particular street, it's a wonder i get anywhere at all. 

you all have swiss-cheese brains too, right?

4 notes:

  1. ME TOO! Honest, I swear, not only do I NOT know my right from my left, but when I do hazard a guess, I am always dead certain my left IS my right, and I will argue about it. Is terrible.
    Poor you, suffering the same affliction.
    I empathize. I do.

  2. I have it sort of, I have to think about it and then I usually get it. Or sometimes don't! xD It's murder with my driving instructor though she's taken to going "up" or "down" for when I need to turn. Ah well, little things :)

  3. ha! everyone just points which direction to go when i drive. it's much safer, as i will invariably choose the wrong direction.

    so, so glad i'm not the only one!

  4. mine is more of a dense cheddar.