things not to discuss on a first date.

July 23, 2009

image via cardboard love.

1. religion.

nothing kills the mood like announcing you're an atheist, just as the other person suggests you say grace.

2. politics.

you don't have to attend an awkward town-hall meeting to know that the obama-palin divide is far worse than any rival football teams. (and let's face it... it was obama vs. palin. mccain took the backseat when palin proved she was incapable of a diagrammable sentence.) 

3. bologna & hotdogs. 

you eat 'em or you don't. you love them or you're completely grossed out by them. there is no middle ground in the bologna & hotdogs debate. and, no, there's no tactful way of bringing this up. it's a conversation best saved for some time between engagement and aisle... as long as you haven't put any deposits down.

2 notes:

  1. relgion, politics and food. sounds so familiar.

  2. actually a lot of slutty people discuss hotdogs and bologna intimately on a first date.