the card catalog: keep the aspidistra flying

August 21, 2009

3 notes:

  1. John and I have talked about finding a wooden card catalog for years. It seems like it would be so handy--all those little drawers for all our little things.
    How libraries have changed. I remember going to the library, and hoping they had a certain book, or type of book, flipping through those little cards. I loved it when someone next to me was searching, too, and you could hear them quietly singing the alphabet song to find out which drawer they needed to look in. And oh, what if your library didn't have the book? Then you had to go to the desk and ask them to please see if any other library might have it. And they would get out this big thick book and look for you, and if they did, please might they order it? Now we have lovely computers that will tell us not only which books are at our library, but every library in the system, and you can see if they are checked in and place holds on books, and it's simply amazing.

  2. well if you happen to stumble across two card catalogs, i call one of them! i've been looking for one for years! (i do have a metal map catalog from the detroit public library in the garage if you want it. it's cool and it needs a good home, it just doesn't fit here!)


  3. We could look at it. How big is it?