August 12, 2009

meanness, apparently, does not have an expiration date.
on the other hand, neither does kindness.

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  1. oh sweet's gonna be alright
    : (

    You know the great thing about being an adult (and oddly enough, there are fewer great things than you'd realize) is that you get to pick the people in your daily life now, not like in school, etc, where you were stuck with EVERYBODY. And, the thing I've just come to know recently is that while I was growing up and maturing, they were too. You might find the mean ones aren't so mean now.
    By the way, I do the same thing. It's so easy to come up with a witty, snarky comeback ten, twenty years later.
    And you are perfectly, wonderfully, you. Altogether lovely. And talented. And wickedly funny.

  2. ah sweet annie,

    i'm just fine... i'm just always surprised when those thoughts flit through my head. that was so long ago, and so irrelevant now, but the words are still there. and i'm sure i said some nasty things myself. i hope they're not still floating through other people's heads. sigh.

  3. I'm the same way. In both directions. While I was more teased than a teaser, I find myself more haunted by things I said. I recently apologized to someone I reconnected with on Facebook. I think he must have laughed his butt off. Apparently I had not damaged him the way I feared.

  4. newdominionblues. if that wasn't the most charming response! i guess it's far better to find that you hadn't inflicted pain, then to find that he'd been stewing about it for years! and annie's right... lots of them grow up and aren't anything like they were back then. i think they'd be shocked to find out just how mean they were.

    i just wish more of those thoughts would evaporate over time!