table lust.

August 13, 2009

i've been obsessing over this coffee table for a year now. with or without the side table (which i already own) i blippidy-bleepin love it.
clean, calm and i want it!!!

(swearing and exclamation points are filling in for my self-control for the moment. please excuse it, it will be returning shortly. i hope.)

bridge coffee table from west elm.

4 notes:

  1. I didn't catch anything that you just said. I'm sorry but I was distracted by that wallpaper. It is so damn sexay!

  2. I apologize in advance for this. But...

    Do it!

  3. but it's so low....must be all that yoga you do, you are flexible and can bend and stuff. We less-bendy people need a coffee table just the right height for reaching ever so slightly for the mug.
    But I will admit it's interesting. It looks just like the kind of coffee table you would adore. (^_^)

  4. annie, that's the beauty of the little white table. it's not low and you can put your coffee mug there. plus, for the very least amount of reaching possible, we have little side tables. and actually, i find myself using the floor quite often when i'm laying on my back. just drop an arm down, it's the opposite of work!

    newdominion, i love the way you think!

    brad, grasscloth maybe? i love the texture. and i love green. i don't think there's a room in the house without green in it, somewhere.