reduce. reuse. recycle.

August 10, 2009

the super-easy green tip that i keep forgetting. reduce the amount of air-conditioning you use by shutting your blinds up tight during the day. (they aren't just for privacy, i guess.) i have a hard time figuring out whether i prefer to see the daylight, prefer to give the plants their due sun, or prefer not to pay ungodly high bills. but seeing as it reached 95 yesterday, and was so humid my sunglasses steamed up... shutting the blinds seemed like a pretty clear choice. i closed them again today. actually, it is pretty easy being green.

i finally figured out what to do with my grandma's old ball jars! always loved the color, never had matching lids, and then realized that the row of drinking glasses sitting on the windowsill for various cuttings could just as easily be the beautiful blue mason jars. so utterly satisfying. sigh.

the best way to save green (as in green onions and green money - 'cause you're not buying green onions.) stick those little suckers in a jar of water and watch mother nature do what she does best. they just recycle themselves.(and they're kinda pretty. that's them in the last mason jar!)

cheap thrills are the best kind, aren't they?


2 notes:

  1. I have a bunch of old Ball jars, too. And I love green onions. And now I know what to do with the jars, and what I'll be doing tonight. Yay!

  2. our onions grew so quickly, i find myself checking them every day to evaluate the bounty!

    on an unrelated note: i passed a silk plant the other day that was made to look as if there were new growth - a rolled up leaf ready to unfurl. it's bad enough that it was fake. was the pretense of growth really necessary?