tee vs. dress: lighthearted.

August 11, 2009

i'm feeling all pastels and frills this morning. must be the heat and humidity.
both of these options are a breezy way to pass an august heat wave.

hills tee from maryink via etsy.
coffee daisies dress via ruche.

the tee i'd order a size or two up, i like them loose and flowy. 
the dress, i'm thinking, would pass well into fall with a pair of thick tights and ankle boots.

i like clothes.
i hate getting dressed.

3 notes:

  1. I'm oddly attracted to that T-shirt.

  2. again, i'm torn. the tee is oddly attractive... it's simple and kind of plain. but i sort of feel like i'd pull it out of my closet over and over.

    and the dress is sweeter than i'd normally wear, but the color is toned down enough that i might be able to pull it off. and tights would just make all kinds of sense with it.

    (will tee vs. dress make sense in the winter? or will it have to be sweater vs. sweatpants?)