things we dream.

August 31, 2009

story time by ashley g

things we dream
plan and scheme
places to go
houses to make home
lives to be lived
we always dream big
so what if today
passes quietly away
we dream of tomorrow
and all the ideas
yet to flower

i daydream of finding the perfect barn or factory to remake into a home (or my current obsession, a lighthouse). i daydream of finding the perfect outfit, from somewhere in the recesses of my closet. i dream of a new life working at what i love. and i dream of finding the perfect small treasure, maybe some day on a long walk. i dream and dream and dream. but it leaves a lot less time for doing.

what do you dream of? where does your mind wander? 

7 notes:

  1. I dream of all the future rainstorms I can play in, all the puddles to be jumped in. I dream about all the joys of discovering how things work. 1 down, infinity to go. I dream about making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. It'll be late at night as a snack and the bread will be nicely toasted and the cheese oh so gooey. I dream about all the places left to explore and about finding that undiscovered gallery or store that will be my little secret. What can I say, I dream big.

  2. a little coarse salt sprinkled on the outside of the grilled cheese makes a world of difference.
    and if you like toast, salt rising bread (with salted butter) makes the best toast, ever.
    oh boy, now i'm dreaming of toast.

  3. Salt on the outside? Orly? I've always done a lil fleur de sel on the inside. Plus a sprinkle of some coarse black pepper. Mmm.

    I've never tried salt rising bread. Need to find me some. Sammich for dinner tonight!

  4. I always say I have more ideas than time. I am constantly busy thinking up new projects and then reigning myself in with reality. I wish I could do half the project that are bouncing around in my head. sigh.
    And you are right, by the way, sometimes we get lost in the dreaming and have no time left for "doing". Wonder what zen has to say about this.

  5. --a cabin in the woods
    --a hot, fresh Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut
    --unlimited time at the library
    --a daily nap

  6. hmm...

    brad: do not, under any circumstances, eat the salt rising bread cold. it must be toasted.

    silver sisters: i love thinking of new projects (and never finding the time to get around to them). but i write them down and try to keep them alive in some small corner of my brain, in case one day i can't think of anything new.

    annie: i would love a daily nap.

  7. Now I'm curious what it would taste like cold. This could be trouble.