the world is filled with such sweetness...

August 31, 2009

this weekend, as i nosed around my blogroll there was the most delightful surprise...
look! it's everyeskimo's zoo! 

this sweet little sketch is from one of my favorite people. you can read her thoughts on life here at so--not--perfect. oh, it really made my weekend... thank you so, so much darling! i love how all the little creatures got tucked in there in the most surprising ways. beep beep.

3 notes:

  1. Sketches are so much fun! But this is on a whole new level with all the hidden treasures inside this one. I spy with my little eye something that is a purple turd. :)

  2. Thank you for saying such nice things, dearest. I'm so tickled that you liked it.
    It took a bit to figure out where they could all go. That's why a couple are balloons. And then I figured out the headless bear couldn't hurt anyone, so he is sharing his spot with the fox. And I kept the Easter egg girl and the bear together, because they looked so cute together in your photo, I hated to split them up.
    I am really happy you like it. Thank you so much.

  3. and that is why annie is so damned sweet.
    she does something amazingly nice for you, then thanks you for it!
    love you!