September 15, 2009

in my wilder dreams, i have this tattoo.

now, would somebody please go pick my mom up off the ground?
she definitely just had a coronary.

3 notes:

  1. I have never seen a tattoo I liked better.

  2. it's a beautiful tattoo, the way it snakes along the back like that. The red bits to it almost look like welts, though. Is it a just-done tattoo, and the excess ink is still there? I saw someone at Kroger's on Friday that had a praying mantis tattooed on the back of her neck. She had fairly short hair--chin length, so it was easy to see. I suppose she could grow her hair out or wear turtlenecks when she got tired of it. But it was really rather interesting looking. I have a soft spot for praying mantises....

  3. annie, i think it's a just-done tattoo.

    i just like that it's so much more natural looking than the typical cartoony style. maybe tuck a tiny praying mantis in a crook of the wood?

    i can't imagine i would ever be so sure of myself as to permanently ink... i change my mind far too often.