tee vs dress is back.

September 15, 2009

this week's tee vs. dress is from the lovely designs of built by wendy. something about her work always reminds me that a certain amount of whimsy is necessary when getting dressed. why not have a little fun with it?

great lakes tee from built by wendy.
recital wool ballet dress from built by wendy

(and yes, i have sentimental reasons to want both. one, i live in the mitten, surrounded by the great lakes. i have even swam in the coldest of them. and two, i've lost count of the number of ballet recitals there were. twirling around in a ballet dress would certainly feel just right.)

do you ever fall for that? something named so perfectly, you want it even more? 

2 notes:

  1. I like the outfits, but not the models! Great Lakes tee girl looks so angry, or at best vapid....And Recital Wool Ballet dress girl looks like you caught her with a wedgie...I love that dress with those bright red tights though. I would never think of that.
    I vote tee for myself, dress for you.

  2. too funny...

    she really does look mid-wedge-pick. (i saw nothing wrong with it in high school, but would now be mortified if someone saw me do that!)

    hooray for the great lakes though!