friday favorites: kid onion

October 30, 2009

yes, well i've decided i desperately need a kid onion. but which one? these funny little frumps with their converse... i tried so hard not to, but it appears i really do need one or maybe two.

help me choose. please.

3 notes:

  1. Top right. No, bottom left. No, no, definitely top right.

    Guess you're not the only one who can't decide!

  2. They have feet?! Their ginormous onion heads have distracted me so their Chucks have gone unnoticed. I put my vote down for the top left. How can you not love that color combo?

    PS: Berties pack? Yay? Nay?

  3. yes, i definitely need top left. but while i'm paying shipping from france... perhaps another ought to come along for the ride. top right perhaps?

    oh yeah berties... 7 pack. all those wee little squares!