slow as a snail but always home.

October 5, 2009

if you'd like something lovely to cheer you up in your light-less midwestern winter home... this pretty little "snail fern" will delight you to no end.

(as far as i know,  i've coined the term "snail fern". but this genius display from monkeysalwayslook is so much like a snail pulling his shell along, i can hardly think of it any other way.)

go see more lovely creations from monkeysalwayslook on etsy. 'cause she's awesome.

4 notes:

  1. Aww, I actually believed you and thought that "snail fern" was the real name for it.

    It looks like a nautilus to me, with all its tentacles coming out of its shell.

  2. yes, it is rather tentacle-y. but i think the snails in my imagination are too.

  3. The technical term is Snail Fern... yep that's it... snail fern!