tee vs dress vs. october wedding

October 6, 2009

in shades of blue...

we are not what we own tee from truly madly deeply
silk sheath dress from banana republic

i thought i was all set for this october wedding. right up until all my dresses were deemed "not dressy enough." (well, i do lean toward cotton and comfy, but seriously? i have 4.5" heels on and you don't even want to squeak out a murmur of approval? just frown and shake your head? really? are you sure?)

can i explain that dresses aren't exactly winter wedding friendly? you're cold in the car and the church and during dinner, so you need to layer up a bit. then comes dancing and you're crazy hot. (i actually think that blue dress might be a perfect option for this wedding, and i'm going to go see how it looks, even though i really didn't intend to buy a new dress for this.)

or maybe i'll just throw on a tee shirt and call it a night...

1 notes:

  1. I hope the dress works out, because it's absolutely lovely. Plus, if it's cold, you could have a sweater or wrap or cardigan over it and it would still look sweet.
    You're too funny. I would have squeaked out a murmur of approval for you. 'Course you'd look cute in a gunny sack.