cardigan vs coat.

November 3, 2009

oh no. want! want! want!

patch pocket cardigan from martin and osa
sweater sleeve coat from anthropologie

{hmm, that gray coat i yammered on about back here turned out to be cut for pregnant teenagers. perfect through neck and sleeves, large enough to tuck a french bulldog into 'round the waist. no thanks. so i'm still searching. and this coat is now on the list, even though i know the sleeves will make certain sweaters difficult. but it wouldn't hurt to try on, would it?}

4 notes:

  1. I'm too fat for all of your clothes. But the cardigan looks cozy.

  2. i tried it on. oooh disappointed... i could hide a french bulldog in this one too. i'm all for a little extra room, but this is ridiculous!

  3. I love coqats and cardigans too and actually I need a green coat!
    Any ideas?

  4. hi gaia, i'll be searching out some green coats for next week! (i have green and love it, but "need" gray this year!)