tee vs. dress: rose and russet

November 3, 2009

do you know how difficult it is to dig up a dress without spaghetti straps? something us midwesterners might consider donning even after the mornings become frosty, icy or buried under a small mountain of snow? well, this russet sweater dress feels cozy to me. and the tee, well it would be warm enough under a wooly sweater.

luxe tux tissue tee from j.crew
fall foliage sweater dress from anthropologie

{why yes, i am enjoying the rhyming and alliteration in the names, thank you very much!}

1 notes:

  1. the dress is gorgeous and cozy-looking and flattering. I choose dress.
    Also, I don't think the words in the word verification are real words. They look very Jabberwocky to me.