friday favorites: oooh pretty!

November 20, 2009

i don't wear a lot of jewelry usually. a pair of earrings and my engagement ring. and even they come off when it's time for yoga. but...

i'm thinking i could make an exception for these beauties. the first two are from lauren haupt jewelry. simple, elegant, and just a little different from anything i have seen in a store. the gold layered links would fit so nicely with my collection of v-neck tees.

and the gorgeous sciency insterstice bracelet is from nervous system. a clean, modern cellular algorithm to circle your wrist. (a tad less romantic, but a bonus nonetheless: it's made of nylon so it won't scratch up my precious mac.)

sometimes i think patrick and i should each do our own christmas shopping! i'm certain i won't be able to pick out the right pair of snowshoes, and he would never think to adorn me in biological bracelets. sigh.

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