rational or irrational?

November 2, 2009

yet another thing i desire to own. they're small and colorful and there's no reason in the world to have them other than they tickle my fancy. (i'm quite ticklish, have you noticed?) i think i wouldn't be able to resist reaching out to rearrange them or stack them or line them up, a wee army of color. but i don't need them.

so, to sum up, i'm being very rational about my irrational desires.

{perhaps patrick will take a looksee around the blog to see what i want for christmas? i can't be that hard to shop for as i seem to want absolutely everything! but somehow, he always finds himself in the sporting department. or i get the griddle pan he wanted. but i can't complain, his expert use of my christmas present does put delicious pancakes on my plate. true love.}

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