a moment of silence.

December 21, 2009

just a little hush, for the victims of my overzealous black thumb. do you remember this gorgeous jade plant?

and this lovely and unidentified plant,
that was so often asked after, "would i sell it pretty please? "well, i should have said yes...

... because with my dutiful (and apparently deathly) ministrations, i have turned the once lovely specimens into these limping zombie things.

pretty sad, huh? the sickly stick thing is currently in isolation after having been attacked by some tiny little swarmy bugs. grrr. and the jade will be headed to my mother's house for a little rest and recuperation. unfortunately, i have not inherited one iota of her green thumb. this is at least the second time (i fear it's actually the third) i have nearly killed this poor thing.

i'm not even going to list the plants i've downright killed this year. there's just too much despair already.

2 notes:

  1. Oh, so sad.... Post photos when they get back from rehab.

  2. oh NO!! I have such a hard time keeping certain plants alive. ;o(