red light xxxmas.

December 21, 2009

i have gotten off my holly, jolly ass and decorated for christmas. well the mantle, anyway. and forgoing my classic theme of gold, brown and a few touches of red, i have instead turned the living room into a bordello. {surprise!}

it's only slightly classier with the lights off. well, not classier. but at least it doesn't look like you accidentally stumbled into the red light district.

arranging the poinsettia lights. (these were my absolute favorite when i was a kid. so i'm kinda thrilled about our little bordello. it brings back sweet little memories when the excitement of christmas made you swell to the point of bursting. so happy.)

and tucked in between the poinsettias, a few favorite mercury glass ornaments. they age about as well as our mirror. and you know what? i like both of them like that. so there.

it's probably a good thing we're not having guests this year. i'd hate to impose my tackiness on anyone. (except the entire internet, of course.)

red light xxxmas, everyeskimo style.

5 notes:

  1. I think that if the first photo had been when the lights were off, people could ease their way into the epicness that awaits them in the red light Christmas town. But to start off with the lights on, well that is like staring straight at the Sun. There are just somethings that you can't unsee.

  2. it's awful isn't it?! patrick didn't quite know what to say. he looked a little stunned. i think i enjoyed the effect.

  3. You're beautiful! And so is the festive decor, of course. Excellent use of traditional Christmas and non traditional. :)

  4. good thing we've got all these red lights strung about, you can't see me blush!