friday favorites: mason bags

January 8, 2010

these bags are just about as sturdy as they come, and i've been lusting after this beauty from hickoree's hard goods for months. casual, polished, they wear well, and just look at that yellow! {love.}

only problem? since i've transitioned to a ginormous purse {affectionately known as the black hole because some genius designed it with a black lining, and i can never find anything in there. i get by on a system of smaller pouches tucked inside so i can feel for things.} i haven't had much use for an actual satchel. but perhaps, if you all order lots of little things from my shop, i could excuse this extravagant purchase as a necessity for toting packages to the post office?

this large purse thing may be hereditary. my mom's is known as the filing cabinet. it is indeed rather square, sturdy, and could be used for self-defense in a pinch. but even as an adult, i know whatever i need will be safely stowed away in there. almonds, anyone?

1 notes:

  1. But just think: If my trusty station wagon ever conked out and I was stranded by the roadside trying to figure out how to work the cell phone, I wouldn't starve to deaath, I could just eat those two almonds