handmade holidays part 1.

January 5, 2010

now that life's getting back to routine a bit, i'm really excited to finally (finally!) get to share my handmade christmas. not things i made, but the unbelievably wonderful things that were made for me.

part one: my dearest sister-in-law (who's much more a sister) made this for me. i can't imagine how much time and work went into this, and it's so perfectly recreated. all those little stitches (and my favorite frenchie, pig) on a warm textured linen. well, i'm hardly being eloquent about it, but i'm just so agog that someone would do this for me!

(it is indeed, perfect. what appear to be wrinkles in the first picture are merely a result of my reflection in the glass. it's so darned hard to photograph!)

annie, i can't thank you enough. i'm still hunting around for the perfect place to hang it... perhaps at the top of the stairs leading up to the studio?

6 notes:

  1. Such an awesome present. I love that she stitched it on linen! I'm uber jealous. :D

  2. oh dearest, thank you! That was so sweet. You said such sweet things.
    Up to the studio would be perfect. I was thinking of your space while I did it.
    I'm so glad you like it. You had quite a cool Christmas. Look at all the people that love you as much as we do over here.

  3. That is one cool sister in law, but more like a sister! Nice job Annie, that is really lovely.

  4. it's really very, very lovely! i wish i could get better pictures of it as i'm not doing it justice at all!

  5. aaaah!....so many nice things being said about me...My head is swelling to a gigantic size. Soon I will be referring to myself in the third person and will be impossible to be around...

    I'm just so very, very happy that you like it. And your pictures were lovely as always. You always arrange things so artfully. Little bits and books and creatures tucked in here and there.