handmade holidays part 2.

January 5, 2010

i was so very, very spoiled this year...

tracy, the very talented artist behind new dominion blues (visit her etsy shop, here. read her insightful blog, here.) surprised me with a package full of perfect treasures. (she said, and i quote, "it's not much, so don't get too excited." i'm calling bullshit there, this was a bounty!)

so how excited was i to pull out these sweet little packages? brown paper packages tied up with string no less. yes i love that! and her work is even more incredible in person. the slate coaster is richly textured and lives right next to my favorite place on the couch. (it also happens to tie in nicely with the slate on our hearth!) the darling little hanging pot is just the perfect size for an oeufling to poke out of. and the pear (which i was just drooling over when she shared them on her blog) is stunning. it manages to be glossy and maintain the papery texture of a real pear at the same time. i can't quite figure out how she does that!

thank you, thank you, thank you tracy! such a generous gift and i'm so honored to own your beautiful work!

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  1. Serves me right to wait so long in the day to check your blog! Your pictures make them all seem so much lovelier. Maybe I should send you everything in my shop and you can be my photographer. Thank you so much for liking my little somethings. :)