headless. and wool-less too.

January 18, 2010

so sorry if i haven't been tippy-typing away on my blog as much as usual. but i've finally found some time to sew and i'm nearly cross-eyed now! but i'm very excited to share this little guy.

i had a very dear etsy friend request a non-felt headless horror. i was both excited and scared to work on it. fabric is very, very different to work with. and how does one make neck meat out of something other than felt? (one of the few questions the internet doesn't have an answer for.)

and this is the result. she's patched and darned and bandaged and nearly as pathetic as one would expect a headless deer to be. and i'm crazy about her.

all you gentle friends must just think i'm nuts. unless you enjoyed the cracked baby doll, then you're probably just thinking i'm just more openly nuts than is generally advisable.

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