collecting: pencils

January 15, 2010

lately, i find myself picking up pencils more often than pens.
weird, i've been strictly pen since high school.

how 'bout you? pencil or pen?

2 notes:

  1. The last few weeks, I have seen a significant increase in the proportion of pencil use in my writing. Strange. Maybe it's the economy.

    Do you find that you can use pencils, even though they are similar to other finite supplies (such as journals)? They can be used (and sharpened) to nothingness. But I don't think I have the same fear of using them that I do for beautiful, blank paper. I wonder if the psychology of school supplies has been studied.

  2. i have no fear of using up pencils. i guess i don't cherish them like paper. oh god paper. i have a huge hoard and i love it. patrick asks, "where are you going?" and i answer, "i'm gonna go roll in my paper."