light. bright. white.

January 11, 2010

would someone please come help me paint everything in the house white? please?

the days are cold and dark and i'm just crying out for more light. (sadly, i don't know if painting everything in white would even help. but, how can i know unless i try?) i can never decide if our little hovel would look clean and crisp and refreshing in white. or if it would just look plain and ordinary.

but since painting is the one thing i can't convince patrick to do (well, painting and getting a cat...) i guess the house will remain dark. or when i'm in a good mood, it's called cozy.

5 notes:

  1. The first 2 photos look like my place! I'm similarly undecided between if the look is "clean and crisp" vs "plain and ordinary". With the days being all grey, the sterility of living inside all this whiteness has me craving some color. I'm in love with the idea of painting the inside walls of my bookcase like: Just can't muster the courage to just go for it. It seems like too big a commitment when introducing a new color. :(

  2. I don't think I have the discipline to stick to an all white scheme. But I do love it, especially how it makes the subtle variations (in tone and texture) stand out.

  3. umm brad, just quit making us all jealous already. i highly suspect it's clean and crisp. but, you know if you paint your shelves and don't like it... you can always paint it back. and i have to say, painting is therapeutic. except when it's the entire house. then it's overwhelming.

    i should go the newdominionblues route and hire a painter!

  4. having rented for so long, and now owning a house, I would never, never have white walls again. I absolutely love having color, and especially different colors in every room.
    When Ben was little and we would watch Bear in the Big Blue House, I thought I would so love to have that exact house someday. It was so colorful, especially that lovely tomato soup color in the entryway.

    Oh, now I want to watch Bear. I wonder if it's still on? What a cheerful show.

  5. hmm, after growing up in all beige with dark, dark wood i thought i'd always want colorful walls, light wood. and now to find myself craving white walls and rich wood tones (although perhaps, not in the queen anne fashion) is a bit of a surprise.