collecting: cubbies

January 12, 2010

i am about to have a very long, very bad day at a very awful job. so i thought i'd cheer myself up with a collection of my very favorite cubbies. lovely, lovely cubbies make me dream of staying home {you know how i love home} and stitching and sewing in my very own studio all day long. beautiful things to put other beautiful things in, here we go...

aren't you just a bit cheered up too? all those lovely places to put all your lovely things?

now for my savvy sources, some will be vague as i'm a bit of a scavenger:
1. 2. and 3. fffound 4. jordan ferney 5. elene usdin (please ignore the silly shiny tights. i don't think anything should be put in those.) 6. desire to inspire 7. 8. design is mine 9. desire to inspire

6 notes:

  1. Dearest! Sorry you are having a bad day. Sending you hugs of the kindest sort.
    : (

    Love the cubbies! The best part about cubbies is then finding all the little bits and pieces to put in them!

  2. Utter lameness! An entire craptastic day ahead of you sounds terrible. :(

    I'm not sure which type of cubby I love more. The open-style so I could look at all the pur-dy goodies. Or the drawer-style so I could be pleasantly surprised when I open them (plus they can remain hidden and secret which is kind of cool).

  3. More cubbies!

  4. i had some of those RX files in my shop awhile back. i could almost kick myself for selling them, they were so awesome.

  5. I love these!!! I want them all! I hope today is a little better than yesterday. Down with the man! Quit that job!

  6. Me too me too! Both on the bad day at work and the cubbies!