( bed )

February 24, 2010

madly in love with the simplicity.

actually, i showed patrick this picture last night and he said in dismay, "but that's two beds." maybe it's just a boy thing, but both patrick and otis seem to prefer the middle of the bed and for me to just work around wherever they end up. despite that, "no silly, look at the beds." 

consensus: awesome.
and i love how the simple linens let your eye fall back to the beds.

{found at desire to inspire: church turned castle. so worth a click}

2 notes:

  1. It's a wonder the floor doesn't fall in with all that weight.

  2. Absolutely lovely. Though I suspect that even if I had my own bed, I would somehow still wake up crushed underneath the human and canine boys, or huddling in a corner trying not to fall off. They would make their way over.