( spoiled )

February 23, 2010

not only did i wake up to a dozen red roses on the kitchen counter,
when i walked out to my car, another huge bouquet was waiting on my seat!

squeal! i rearranged by color and they're now spread out all over the house.
i can't wait to watch the sunflowers and lilies open.
{he does spoil me so}

it's now shamefully apparent that i have no flower arranging talent whatsoever. sigh.

3 notes:

  1. Oh, so pretty!
    Flowers are perfect, especially right now, when we are all craving Spring and color again.
    Very lovely. Lucky you!

  2. ahhh, what a sweetie!! These look so beautiful all together.

  3. I looove these vases. I moved to London and miss mine on an all too frequent basis. Flowers are truly wonderful!