( foxtopus )

February 23, 2010

yep, foxtopus.

who's secretly a very mean trickster. for instance, he was distracting me and so all of his legs were sewn inside out. do you know how many legs that was?! well, of course you do. but needless to say, i took quite  bit of pleasure in stabbing his little helmet on. so there.

he's in the shop. waiting for somebody else to play dirty tricks on.

1 notes:

  1. Sorry that I laughed at your misfortune. But sewing all the legs inside out sounds like something I would do.
    Every time I sew, I end in tears. The whole time I'm at the machine, I have Marlin's voice echoing through my head: "You think you can do these things, but you just can't, Nemo!"
    Foxtopus is ADORABLE. Love him.