( instant )

February 3, 2010

well polaroid bailed on us, so somebody had to come to the rescue.
oh hi there fuji instax!

and drumroll...
there's a fuji instax giveaway on the creature comforts blog! click here (but umm, don't enter 'cause i'm trying to beat my unlucky streak here. xo.)

and well, if i don't win there's still valentine's day and my birthday this month. lots of finger crossing going on. i'm also lusting after this camera. (hint, hint!)

{mini notebook made from instax shots by greentheory, maple shot by miwas}

2 notes:

  1. Those cameras are amazing!!! Hopefully you win that giveaway (but I did enter, don't be mad, I couldn't help myself... but I am routing for you).

    The Impossible Project (http://www.the-impossible-project.com/2009) is gonna be making an announcement in a few weeks on how their work is coming along. We might have another camera to add to the trusty want list.

  2. Totally want! What darling little photos! Instant photos you can stick in your pocket. How cute is that.