( need, or not )

February 4, 2010

i can't quite think of a need for a plasma cut shovel.
but it is lovely, and interesting, and new.
from cal lane, who may be a genius. 
or just nuts. either way, i like him.

however, i think there may be a need for my very own treehouse.
only i want mine to have a drawbridge.
isn't this perfect?
i might even have a tea party and invite someone other than the dogs.
from country home, believe it or not.

{i always thought a veruca was a type of a wart}

2 notes:

  1. Can I come to your tea party? I'll bring fresh strewberries and cream and promise not to jump on the bridge when you're standing on it.

  2. oh please come! i am trying desperately to think of something i can bake and possibly not screw up...
    perhaps something a little lemony and light?