( loving loulou & oscar )

February 8, 2010

i do not suffer from delusions of grandeur. my suffering comes from delusions of domesticity. and i choose to indulge them by perusing through the utterly lovely shop of loulou & oscar. sweet little stitches, beautiful bits of embroidery, and a rather wicked sense of humor with that spider, no?

la fĂ´ret is one of my all time favorite pieces from this shop, long gone. but drat that february financial fast or i'd be ordering myself a wee patch and a cold hands, warm heart hankie. {i do have very, very cold hands and they're my only means of keeping dear patrick in line. "please, please don't put them on my back! no! stop moving them, you're freezing!"}

please do have a visit with loulou & oscar. you can find her etsy shop here, and her blogginess here.

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