( my veruca is showing )

February 9, 2010

"but daddy i want it now!"

oh veruca would you shut up already? she rears her nasty head way too often...
for instance: this lovely, lovely wood address file from lovely design. (she couldn't have named her business more aptly.)
i really, really want it. i've wanted it for a few years now.

but i can't even think of a use for it. i don't need an address book. i use mine once a year for christmas cards. i can hear myself whining: it's so perfect! it's full of pretty paper! want. want. want.

maybe you need one? maybe i can live my perfect address file dreams vicariously through you?

the lovely design shop, here. the lovely design blog, here.

{ top image by junecraft found on designismine, bottom pics from miss lovely herself. }

4 notes:

  1. What if you had enough gift wrapping paper that you required an organizational system. Then you could have little card-shaped samples indexed in this address file!

  2. Actually this just might be the solution to how to find books if I ever organize books by color in my bookcase.

  3. just how many books do you have?

    i'm sure i can figure out something to use this file for, if only i think, think, think. but that really doesn't solve my problem of wanting things i clearly don't need.

  4. If something can make your day a little brighter or your home a little more yours is that really a problem?

    PS: I don't have a ton of books but my collection has grown exponentially over the past year so I am foreseeing an organizing problem in my near future.