( overexposed )

February 26, 2010

i told you i had birds on the brain.
the first image is why photography is endlessly fascinating.
an accidentally overexposed egret.
found by mastodon, who lurks in the strangest corners of the internet.

the second image? william.
a project i've been wanting to finish for ages.
i thought perhaps mustardseed would be a nice name for him.
but there was quite a flap when he found out
mustardseed was a fairy.
ah well, i suppose shakespeare will be just as flattered
(or offended)
to have a small bird named after him instead of one of his characters.

william is in the shop, proudly preening. 

1 notes:

  1. I love the photo in the shop of william perched on the wooden hand.
    Like his wiry legs!