( inspiration )

February 27, 2010

just in case you haven't met one
jacabobs, jacabunnies, ursabobs, ibobs, peascapes, and all sorts of oddjects
come from the ridiculously delightful mind,
and unbelievably talented fingers of
the loveliest of lovelies...
kit lane.

her work is the reason i started needlefelting.
and yes, i do own several of her little creatures.
(that one eyed creature up there is among my most prized possessions.)

and to top it off, she is one of the nicest people ever.
yes, ever.

i visit her shop quite often (okay, okay, i stalk).
and get quite light-headed every time.

1 notes:

  1. You, my dear, are the loveliest of all! I'm humbled and pretty blushy right at this moment from your kindest of words. I'm not often without some sort of fluffy verbiage but you have me speechless. I could just squish you with squeezles!