( random raspberries )

February 27, 2010

i've! been! tagged! with! a! kreative! blog! award! from! pretty! little! thieves!
{ i'm super flattered but totally playing it cool. }

this entails seven random things about myself. delicious little raspberries of completely useless information. and then i get to pass it on to seven other super kreative bloggers.

1. i love, love, love clothes and jewelry and scarves, and bags and all those frittery little things. except i hate getting dressed.

2. i can stand on one leg, on my toes, and brush my teeth at the same time. (i very often do.) but i have to concentrate to not fall down on an escalator.

3. i was always told i was too loud as a child. as an adult, i'm consistently told i'm "so quiet"

4. i am a terrible hermit. i have to talk myself into going out sometimes, and almost make myself anxious about it. luckily it comes and goes.

5. i really enjoy rearranging the house and the furniture and reorganizing things. and in the process, i often wind up hiding stuff on myself. this drives everyone else nuts, but i can't help myself.

6. sometimes after watching movies about magic or reading books about magic, i wonder if the only reason i can't do magic is that i haven't tried.

7. super-de-duper-secret-sci-fi-nerd. picard, totally. and now that i've discovered doctor who, i'm pretty sure i'll never get off the couch again.

now, who wants to play?

red rover, red rover send so not perfect right over!
send new dominion blues right over
send je voudrais que right over, and over (you get two 'cause you're two peoples.)
send lou lou and oscar right over
send astulabee right over
red rover, red rover send monkeys always look right over!

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2 notes:

  1. i love your blog...
    it makes me happy.
    and i love that you too are now hooked on dr. who.
    i could write my own blog entry
    about the awesomeness of you.

  2. I finally just now played along. thank you!