( dear oly )

March 31, 2010

i believe i've mentioned something about my love of paper?
well, i made a wee purchase from this shop a little earlier this year.
just a smallish calendar and some postcards.
so imagine my surprise when this utter bounty
of beautiful paper showed up at my door.

i spent a good half hour carefully unwrapping each piece.
oh! the sparkle in my eye!
handmade papers, careful drawings,
precious treasures, and just so much loveliness.
i can't imagine the time she put into wrapping up my package.
but oh, how it was appreciated.

i am utterly and entirely pleased.
i want to string it all up as one big cacophonous bunting.
{ sigh }

i highly recommend placing an order with dear oly.
or at the very least, following along her lovely blog.
she has a very special way about her.

2 notes:

  1. Yay so many beautiful things!! What are you going to do with them?

  2. wow wow

    thank you thank you for the kind and sweet sweet post !
    it makes me so happy !

    merci beaucoup !