( friends )

March 31, 2010

my very favorite part of etsy
 { which i had not expected }
is the fast and fond friendships.

through etsy, i've met some of the sweetest
most genuine, and unbelievably generous people.

all these lovely pieces
were sent to me as a thank you. 
a thank you for the favor she did for me!!

i do not know if my sweet benefactor
wishes to remain anonymous.
but she should not remain uncelebrated.

i adore each beautiful piece.
the baby is living on the mantle amid airplants & antlers.
the woman in the moon is tucked among my favorite art pieces.
and the cows will find a home in the office.

{ i really had the best mail week ever }

1 notes:

  1. i will not remain unnamed and yell a resounding "it's me!"...and so, so glad to be your friend