( a first )

March 1, 2010

well, today is just full of surprises.
this is beatrice.
she is peering at you rather intently,
wondering if you
will be the luckiest of lucky winners.

yes, dear bloggy readers,
i thought you needed a bear of your own.
so please leave a comment.
and identification of some sort.

(of course, now would be a perfect time to do a kind of survey about which things you like best to appear in my shop, but i'm not nearly as prepared as all that. so you know, just a howdy-do will be fine, unless you'd like to steer the little eskimo ship one way or the other!)

and next monday, march 8th (because i'm generally very productive on mondays)
i'll do some random number generating
so we will have a winner
and beatrice will have a new home!

{ yes mom, of course you can enter! }

pass it on!

22 notes:

  1. me me me!! I love the shop just the way it is. But more of everything would always make me happy.

  2. Ok, number 1 never comes up on the random thingy but if I don't do it now I may never do it! You have the most incredible eye for vintage, beautiful photography and interesting titles, oh yes! I wish posting said items from US to UK was practical. Happily, you also make the most perfect creatures, so well made and adorable in every way, they are also quite light and travel friendly! I have gone on so long that I may not be number 1 anymore, what are the odds? You rule!

  3. Your shop is so unique and interesting that I enjoy it the way it is. I'd very much love to give this bear a new home.

  4. I think the random number generator should pick me, in honor of my birthday. :)

    You know I love your shop, especially the wee oueflings and the headless beasties. Keep up the good, good work!

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  6. i have to agree with everyone. you seem to have found a wee etsy niche, and planted yourself firmly there. i think your industrial smalls are the best, and your creatures look perfect hiding among them. don't change a thing.

    and the bear, well she could just be maizie's long lost friend in waiting.

  7. you know i can't resist...
    and little jack can always use another friend


  8. Contests are so much fun. Winning contests are even more fun. Hint hint (pick me Mr. Random Generator).

  9. Sweet little Beatrice is more than welcome in my home! I promise I will find a spot way high enough to be safe from the doggie rough-housing! Your shop is so perfect I don't think I can help you navigate the waters any better than the little eskimo ship is already sailing. :)

  10. ... aberfeldy may come home with me soon, but beatrice is also welcome in the meantime. perhaps they are meant to be together anyway...

  11. YESSS. raymond needs a girlfriend. he's been peeking at the screen and apparently already has a crush on beatrice.

    your shop makes me smile, and i couldn't ask for anything else :)

  12. I won't enter because that feels like nepotism. Plus, I don't really think I will win because I am comment 13--a most unlucky number.
    love you!

  13. please tell beatrice she is the most adorable bear and that i would be *thrilled* to have her live with me. :)

    p.s. you have an AMAZING shop... so many beautiful treasures.


  14. yay beatrice! your shop is awesome (and some have made a lovely home here with me!).

    kimberly.flower at gmail dot com

  15. ... hello! i love your etsy shoppe, as well as your blog. i adore visiting here from time to time... such a happy little place. i'd be quite honored to give beatrice a new home. she'd be given a warm welcome here in california.

    ::fingers and toes crossed::

  16. You have the most wonderful wee shop full of all the things I just adore. I especially love your hand made creatures. I do have a penchant for vintage body parts too..lol Arms, hearts etc...:o)

  17. Yes please! I ADORE Beatrice! I would like her to be my friend. :)

  18. i just found your shop, and blog, and several things to add to my etsy favorites! what a lovely contest, count me in please.

  19. yay!! me, me! pick me!!
    love your shop and blog :)

  20. we have ourselves a winner! comfits for everyone and only a thimble for me. (sorry, alice flashback, my apologies.) beatrice is packing up her tiny little bags and headed to cindy's house!

    thank you everyone for entering... i really do appreciate all your support and sweet comments! such a joy. xo.