( lady )

March 2, 2010


for the record, i would have made the most terribly lady ever. thank jeebus i've grown up in an age when cutoffs and old t-shirts were perfectly acceptable for a little girl. and again, more thankfulness that my job requires nothing except non-sweatpants. (come to think of it, i don't think anyone would say anything if i did wear sweatpants.)

but despite all that, i'm still so fascinated by the trappings of a gentler time.
yes, i tried the hats on. my sad, limp little ponytail just didn't "go" with all this finery.
and i think i have the unhattiest head ever.
(that's for you munki. xo.)

but good news for you lovelies with the fingerwaves and spitcurls.
these lovely hats are in my shop waiting for a perfect perch.
(otherwise known as your head.)

now this is more my kind of hat.
which hides my plain janeness so nicely.
a tweedy wonderful virgin wool stetson fedora.
to keep? or share? so hard to decide.

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