( themed )

March 9, 2010

themed furniture most often reminds me of children's room. my little boy likes cowboys, so i'll hang hats on his walls, and lassos on his bedspread, and, and, and. know what i mean? so how do you make something personal but not silly? well...

i found this beautiful example at la maison boheme.

both my biker and i (he's a mountain biker, not a road biker, so yes a biker and not a cyclist) think this table is ever-so-interesting. and perhaps perfect for his future office. although very possibly with a wood top, or it will likely be one big dog nose smear.

{ for the record, he does have an office now, though it is far from perfect. having been ever so slightly taken over by my closet. and a massive oak flat file. and the dogs claimed it for their hang-out. so the poor guy has been squeezed into a tiny corner. on the bright side, he can stand upright in it. my attic studio requires stooping. we make every corner work. we have to. }

5 notes:

  1. that table is wicked cool. I wonder if it would slide and roll all over the place though. Especially with a glass top, it looks like a recipe for disaster or an accident waiting to happen or whatever that phrase is.
    I agree, go with wood top. Can you imagine the dogs underneath it, looking up at you all the time. Especially the one that likes to jump up and bump you in the face? You'd have nose prints all along the underneath.
    love you!

  2. i think because the wheels are locked and turned into each other, it would actually be perfectly stable. looking at the dogs through the table would be kinda fun! i don't know if this table will become a reality, but it's a lovely idea we both agreed on! glad you liked it. xox.

  3. ohhhh, the wheels lock. Well, that makes all the difference. Ben and I were wondering about that.
    I just pictured it scooting all around the room, pushing along by alternating doggies.

  4. whoops...."pushed along" not "pushing"

  5. What a delightful table and room. We were given a dining room table from our neighbors. It's glass, and I can confirm that they lay under the table and look up, and sometimes forget there is a barrier between them and food. Resulting in lots of dog nose prints and a few hilarious moments.