( a question about bears )

April 6, 2010

two new small bears for the shop.
jeb (in grey) was a bit of an experiment.
but i think i like how his head turned out. 
stitched across the gap, 
rather than seamed with a bit of a fringe
like kilroy (in brown).

i keep looking back and forth, but i'm feeling undecided.
any thoughts? gentle guidance?

3 notes:

  1. I like them both as well. I think Jeb seems more shy and docile with less of a chin, but it looks good both ways.

    Love your blog and store!

  2. I like Jeb. He seems softer, I don't know why. He is very sweet. I'm voting for Jeb, but I may be swayed by the fact that he's grey. He has a sweet little face.

  3. i love them both... i couldn't decide which one i love more.