( a belated birthday wish )

April 7, 2010

it just dawned on me that i started this shindig about a year ago.
april 1st actually.

{ was starting a blog on april fool's day a subconscious plan to gracefully back out?
as in, "oh, it was just a grand joke." }

but i find i've truly enjoyed myself.
and moreover, i've truly enjoyed meeting all of you!

so thank you kindly for such a wonderful first year.
shall we toast?
or just dive face first into the cupcakes?

{ image snarfled at weheartit, from audrey hepburn complex )

4 notes:

  1. dive head-first into the cupcake! so glad you're here - it's always fun to see what you have posted next :)

  2. Mine will be two years on 5/29! I had no idea....Reading your post made me stop and think "When did I start?"

  3. well happy soon-to-be two! i think more cupcakes will be in order!