( a strange realization )

May 5, 2010

i pick up funny little seedpods when i walk the dogs around our neighborhood
small rocks and occasionally perfectly preserved dead bugs find there way onto the kitchen windowsill (the tiny grasshopper & the bee-body that survived a trip through the washer and dryer were my favorite)
but i never find any pine cones.
i'm starting to miss pine cones.

making peanut butter pine cone bird feeders.
or watching my grandmother weave them into a wreath.
they were always there and now they're not.

but thanks to lisa congdon, i can visit her collection of cones at

it's a fascinating idea. all those little collections we have, all in one place.
but i wonder, where does she collect all her collections?

2 notes:

  1. You should see my collections... rocks, rusty bits of junk, leaves, and yes, pinecones and seedpods. Mine often land on the kitchen windowsill, too. I wonder why that is. And where have all your pinecones gone?

  2. I can send you some lovely cones if you like. I collect little things all the time. I love little pods and seeds. just email me at marchi dot wierson at gmail dot com.