( antlers & airplants )

August 9, 2010

a pair of antlers sits on my mantle, with airplants tucked between.
they were supposed to be for the shop, but i found i couldn't part.
and then i knew, i had to find some to share.

there's a whole bushel of them to be listed,
but this six point and smaller five point are in the shop now.

i love how they look amid frilly, pinky, girly clutter.
not that i have any of that.

3 notes:

  1. I've never had any interest in antlers... but recently... sumthin switched in my brain and I've been noticing them. You know just how to plug into my brain, don't you?

  2. i didn't quite think i did either, until i set them on the mantle. they haven't moved since!

    they feel nice and friendly to me.

  3. ooh how lovely! those are excellent plants and antlers!