( dad )

September 8, 2010

flipping through the cb2 catalog
i was surprised to find
what stuck in my mind the most
were these c-clamps used as bookends.
{ of course they've gone and recast their own
which takes all the fun out of it. }

but it made me think
of a rather fond memory.

shortly after moving into my very first house
my dad stopped over to help with a project
and he hauled along with him
an extraordinarily large c-clamp.
large. like two-foot-long large.

i had to laugh.
dad, what the heck am i going to do with that?
he shrugged in his quiet way, it might come in handy.

and you know, i think he was right.
i have a lot of books...

2 notes:

  1. Love this. Really. I love that idea.
    I miss your dad.

  2. i miss him too. i had a dream about him last night. he always looks and acts just like himself... no dream distortion. yes, i miss him an awful lot.